Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Why more than 90% of small business websites fail

Today there are more than 100 million websites on the Internet. Small business owners pay a lot of money to have someone build a web site and host it. Then they're usually on their own to face the challenge of attracting traffic to that website. Potential buyers use search engines like Google and Yahoo to look for a product or service. If a website is buried below sixty thousand other sites in a particular search category, it has little chance of generating traffic. The site just sits there in cyberspace. This is the basic problem faced by the small business website owner. How do you construct a site which reaches the upper levels of search engines?

Dr. Ken Evoy, a recognized expert on website traffic generation, has developed a comprehensive web-building system called Site Build It!, which has produced sites so efficient that 62% of them score in the top 3% of all websites in terms of traffic ranking. In other words, traffic to these sites is higher than 97% of all sites on the Net. In fact, 35% of Site Build It! sites are in the top 1% of all sites on the Net. Predictably, these sites are receiving higher numbers of potential customers, which greatly increases profitability for their owners.

On his site, Dr. Evoy briefly describes and explains how his system operates to deliver the high volume of traffic required to achieve success.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Linda Moulton Howe’s Earthfiles—environmental and paranormal mysteries

Linda Moulton Howe, an investigative journalist and editor of, is an Emmy Award-winning TV producer. Linda’s site reports news on scientific and environmental events. Today’s stories include the mysterious and growing disappearance of honey bees and amphibians. There is also a report on the “Noah’s Ark” seed vault, installed by the Global Crop Diversity Trust, inside a mountain at Svalbard, Norway, designed to archive seed samples of the world’s plants in the event of a global catastrophe. Linda's site features extensive files on UFOs and the aerial drones that are now appearing in our skies.

The site’s archive, accessible by subscription, contains stories about crop circles, ufo incidents, cattle mutiliation, and other unsolved mysteries. Podcasts are available on a number of topics.

Fascinating information:

Sunday, February 25, 2007

BLDGBLOG: Architectural conjecture—Urban speculation—Landscape futures

This blog is entertaining and informative. One entry describes a brand of tiles employing patterns based on highway interchange designs. You could have your bathroom walls look like a road interchange in Barcelona or Bogata.

Another entry describes a vertical cemetery in Santos, Brazil, which looks like a skyscraper from a science fiction film.

Other entries speak about urban problems, like China’s “cancer villages”, whose inhabitants are becoming victims of extensive water and air pollution. There was a reference to “Chinese Death Vans”, mobile execution-by-injection clinics that serve small villages unable to afford to send criminals to major cities for execution by firing squad. Apparently this system makes the harvesting of organs more efficient too.

It’s a keeper:

Consumers bite back at arrogant retailers

Do you have a consumer complaint about a product or service? Post it to the Consumerist website and watch their agents go into action. They investigate complaints, put pressure on the offending merchants by writing a story about their misdeeds, and often gain satisfaction for consumers.

One of today’s top stories on the site is about problems customers of Verizon Wireless is having with some clients’ accounts. Rather than suffer in silence, customers are using the power of the Internet to battle this giant.

The Consumerist site also contains articles designed to educate shoppers. Here are a few titles of articles on the site today:

“50 ways to save at the grocery store”

“12 ways to save on utilities”

“Investing basics: the savings account”

“Easy, cheap DIY cleaning formulas”

Keep this site handy:

Downloading of music MP3 files with no copy restrictions

Puretracks, a Canadian-owned company, today made available 50,000 tracks with no Digital Rights Management restrictions. You can burn them, e-mail or copy them to your computer, MP3 player, or cell phone. Although the songs are from minor labels, there is hope that major labels like Universal and Warner will work with their artists to drop the digital locks on some of their music for promotional purposes.

Home page:

Scientists to embark on North Pole Inner Earth expedition

Dr. Brooks Agnew, who has a PhD in physics, is leading a North Pole Inner Earth exploratory team of 33 scientists in late August of 2007. The $2 million project will utilize a Russian nuclear-powered icebreaker, the only civilian vessel capable of making the 20-day round trip.

Seismographic analysis has determined that the crust of the earth is up to 800 miles thick, and that there are vast cavernous chambers within parts of this crust. Previous North Pole explorers have speculated that there is a polar opening in the crust of the earth leading to a vast underground area. Dr. Agnew’s team will attempt to find this opening and employ high tech gear to investigate the extent of this “inner earth”.

Fascinating site:

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Why build just a website when you could build a business?

If you’re interested in starting up an Internet business, beware of the bargain website trap. A cheap website is worthless if it fails to generate a high volume of qualified traffic. Dr. Ken Evoy, an expert on business website construction, offers some valuable tips for novice and seasoned entrepreneurs alike. His Site Built It! system demonstrates what it takes to deliver large numbers of qualified visitors to a website.

Take a look at Ken’s site:

Use your computer to make free voice and video calls

SightSpeed is your doorway to free, unlimited voice and video chat. You can record video messages for use as video email or embedded in a blog. Hold voice and video chats with Windows and Mac SightSpeed members around the world. SightSpeed 5.0 was PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice for September 19, 2006, based on exceptional video quality.

A business version of SightSpeed is available for $4.95 per month. Multi-party video conferencing and priority technical support come with this model.

At the present time, I’m using Skype, but I’m planning to try SightSpeed and compare the video quality, especially during times of high member usage.

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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An interracial dating opportunity

Although interracial dating is the focus of this site, many members may just wish to have an Internet friendship with people from other cultures.

In the Blog section of the site, open to the public, members write about their experiences with interracial dating, recording their thoughts and feelings. Other members are allowed to comment on blog writings and exchanges can occasionally become quite emotional.

Success Stories recount how members have met someone, have become friends and expanded their knowledge of people from other cultures. Many have decided to date. Still others have fallen in love and are happily married.

The Forums are open to the public and describe both the advantages and the possible issues for those who get involved in interracial dating. It’s not always an easy thing—especially for the families of the individuals concerned. Topics also include “family”, “friendship”, “health”, “jokes and anecdotes”, “religion”, “romance” and many more.

Basic membership in the site is free, as are lifetime ads. Feel free to browse the site before you join to determine whether interracial chatting/dating is right for you.

This site could change your life:

Kathleen Keating reports on End Times

Kathleen Keating is an investigative journalist who reports on paranormal topics from a spiritual perspective. Her topics include the predictions of visionaries, forecasts of disasters coming to the U.S. and the world. Keating’s podcasts are carried on the Enigma Radio Network. She is the author of many Catholic/Christian themed books. Her latest work, Torn Sky: Project Jerusalem, is an “end times” novel featuring characters attempting to make sense out of the chaos of today’s world.

Home page:

Some of her Enigma Radio Network podcasts may be heard here:

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Alex Jones warns about the coming U.S. police state

Alex Jones is a conspiracy theorist, controversial radio talk-show host, and documentary filmmaker. He grabbed headlines when he publicly questioned the mainstream media account of the September 2001 terrorist attacks. Jones has produced films on topics ranging from the New World Order, government-sponsored terrorism, and the imminent establishment of a police state in the United States. A new film by Alex Jones, Terror Storm, exploring documented cases of government-sponsored terrorism, is available on Google Video.

The Infowars website contains shocking news items about the extent of surveillance in society, the proliferation of RFID (wireless) chips, the transition to a cashless society, the trend to embedded microchips, and the machinations of the Illuminati. Jones points to the accelerating convergence of advancing technology and the political ambitions of the “elite”.

A scary site:

Dave McMurtry Changes lives in Colombia, S.A.

Dave McMurtry visited Colombia, South America, for three months back in 2002 and observed first-hand the plight of families displaced by civil strife. He noted that seventy percent of the population of Sincilejo, which is located 2 hours by road from Cartagena, consists of displaced people living in huts constructed of scrap wood and metal. Dave decided to help some of these people by building 25 permanent houses, including the infrastructure for sanitation facilities. Dave seeded the development with his own time and money and has watched his new “village” grow beyond his expectations as additional money has flowed from interested supporters. The project includes a counseling center designed to utilize the skills of the unemployed in the construction of the houses.

In an effort to keep his friends, family, colleagues, and the general public informed about his progress on the project, Dave set up this blog. Anyone wishing to contribute financially may do so by donating via the site to Habitat For Humanity, which has created a special account for Dave’s project, and undertaken to issue tax receipts.

An inspiring story: