Saturday, May 31, 2008

Finding a tutor for your child in Canada is a site which offers free help to find a tutor for high school/university students. All tutors are qualified university students who charge reasonable rates and operate independently. Tutors are available for most high school subjects. Many tutors work online with their students or in person if students are nearby. Interested university students may register with the site. is a similar site.

Note: the operators of these sites do not perform background checks or evaluate the qualifications of their tutors, but act as listing agents. For parents who wish for greater security and peace of mind, there are commercial tutorial agencies such as Rates may be slightly higher than those charged by private tutors.

Many high schools have partnered with nearby colleges and universities in the establishment of mentoring/tutoring programs. Consult the Student Services department of your local high school about these programs.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Cheap Long Distance in Canada

After a frustrating time with Bell Canada and its custom of constantly changing terms of service and fees, I have switched to two more economical plans. As most of my calls are made to destinations in Canada, these plans work for me.

For short calls, I use Yak Canada’s 10-10 Plan (5 cents/minute). Just press 10-10-925 +1+ area code + number, with no pauses. No contract. No network fees. This plan works for destinations in Canada and the U.S. 24-7. Calls are billed on your local phone bill. Details here:

For longer calls, I use Wintel’s Call 25 plan. Once you sign up with them, you dial a local access number and when you get the dial tone, press area code + number. You can talk unlimited minutes for 25 cents per call to Canada and the U. S., 24-7. This plan has a monthly $3.95 network charge, but if you tend to make lengthy calls, you’ll recoup that fee quickly. Get full sign-up details here:
Those who prefer to sign up by telephone may do so at 1-877-904-0077. Their customer care number is: 1-888-216-6624 for existing customers with any concerns.

If I’m going to be traveling in Canada, I use the President’s Choice calling card, available at No-Frills and Loblaws grocery stores. The current rate is 4 cents per minute. Their International calling card would be handy when you’re traveling outside Canada.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Buying vs. renting a house: a useful calculator

Are you trying to decide whether to buy a house or continue renting? A Government of Canada website calculator tool may help you make a decision. The calculator makes two important assumptions. First, you will invest the sum of money you would have used as your down payment. Secondly, you will invest the money you save by renting rather than making mortgage payments.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Happy Story

Sunday, May 11, 2008

An archive of declassified military and government documents

During 11 years of research, John Greenwald has filled his Black Vault website with over 400,000 declassified documents on topics like these: bio/chem weapons, mind control, new world order, remote viewing, spy satellites, terrorism, UFOs and weapons. Home page:

The Encyclopedia section of the site contains over 1200 articles about topics like this:

UFO sightings in ancient Egypt, Rome, and the Middle Ages:,_Rome_and_the_Middle_Ages_(Reader's/ .

There is a collection of newspaper clippings on the UFO topic:
The topic of alien abductions is covered on the site:

Registered users (free) will be able to read 16,000 archived articles, and interact with 34,000 other users, and browse 571,000 forum entries.

Below is a Yahoo News item about John Greenwald’s site:;_ylt=AgkAOPdgyjC4.z7bWdwB594KwId4

The site also features a collection of videos on arcane topics ranging from 9/11 to UFOs.

Anyone writing a book on the UFO topic would find a wealth of information on this site.